Lost a Wing...

I was hoping to finish the Phoenix last night but with friends coming over for dinner tonight the "other domestic duties as assigned" clause in my relationship was activated. Maybe I'll get to them this Sunday or next Tuesday. Either way, I'm looking forward to being done with them. It's time for something else. I did manage to get the first highlight done on most of them. Two still need a little work.

I know it's time for something else because I've been wanting to work on something else. I did cheat a little bit and built a Phantom, as well as a Revenant. Their weapons are magnetised. The last Phantom is going to involve a bit more cutting in pinning as I'm hoping to put it in a running position.


Coming in Hot!

I finished up the weapons and cockpits and got halfway through touching up and shading the orange on the Phoenix. Hoping to finish that next week and move on to their highlights.


For Science!

The Phoenix needed a bit of touch up after a failed attempt of actual flight from being left on the top of my car. One's still going to need a bit of putty and I'm going to have to figure out how to make a tail fin tip for another. Anyway, the black is done. On to the gems and weapons this week. Hopefully the orange the week after that.


Orange is the New Orange

New year, same old color. This time on aircraft though! I started the Phoenix last night, and have been prettying the Avatar up for some paint. His sword got sharpened and he's based in such a way that I can plop him down on a Court of the Young King base when I get to it.