Spinning Nothing

The Storm Serpents got their final two orange highlights last week along with some base touch up. They're now in the gloss and decal queue along with the Scorpions and Cobras.

The Void Spinners got their undersides take care of last night, I then glued them to their bases and started the black. I broke the turrets off to take care of their undersides, I need to clean up the mounting holes before I can glue them back on though. I wasn't a fan of the casting quality on the Night Spinner Arrays, so I'm coming up with a better option. That might take some time to resolve though. The good news is I think I can paint them separately and just glue them in later without too much fuss.


An Orange and Stormy Night

Slower going than I had hoped on the Storm Serpents. Two orange highlights are done though and I just have the corner and point highlights left to go. I'll hopefully finish those up Wednesday. Tonight, I'd like to get the Void Spinners ready for paint at my airbrush station, and while I got it out maybe some of the aircraft and Falcon-hulled tanks.

Here's a shot of the Webway Portal (a.k.a. the Storm Serpent's nether regions). I just went with a bone like paint scheme.


Orange and Stormy

The black, gray, engines and cockpicks are all taken care of on the Storm Serpents. I also washed and tidied up the orange. I hope to finish the highlights on it this week as well as the Wraith Gate parts. Those are going to be a pain to get to with the tank already built.


Cobra: Crime is the disease. Meet the Cure.

I didn't have a chance to snap some pictures of the Cobras last week, but they're done. Like the Scorpions I still need to do the transfers, but I have printed those out yet.

The Storm Serpents were next on the list so here they are. I finished their undersides and mounted them on their bases. I seem to be averaging a tank a week so hopefully they guys will be done by the second week in June.