All Your Base

I started on the objectives with the hopes of finishing them before Cold Wars next weekend. The Wraithgate is all painted up, the others need most of the bone paints still. After something Maashes Caisteal said I spit up my three objectives into four. Now I can just swap out the Wraithgate when needed, rather than having to swap it with one of my opponents.

I also got a few coats of red down on the Avatar. Hoping to have him done for Adepticon.


There goes the other one.

The Phoenix are all finished up, I got the highlights done throughout the week and also did the engine exhaust. I added a little bit of blue and white edging on engines themselves, it's not overly noticeable though.

I magnetised the weapons in the Revenant, I need to convert up its Sonic Lances next and get going on the other three.

The second Phantom is mostly together now as well. I just need to add shoulders and finishing magnetising its weapons too.


Epic Games Day 2018-02-24

I took some shots from our games this past Saturday. Enjoy!

Epic Day - 2018-02-24


Lost a Wing...

I was hoping to finish the Phoenix last night but with friends coming over for dinner tonight the "other domestic duties as assigned" clause in my relationship was activated. Maybe I'll get to them this Sunday or next Tuesday. Either way, I'm looking forward to being done with them. It's time for something else. I did manage to get the first highlight done on most of them. Two still need a little work.

I know it's time for something else because I've been wanting to work on something else. I did cheat a little bit and built a Phantom, as well as a Revenant. Their weapons are magnetised. The last Phantom is going to involve a bit more cutting in pinning as I'm hoping to put it in a running position.